Beware Yuzoolthemes

My experience with @yuzool in the past is not one that i liked, because how i was treated as a client made me make decide i would never do business with them anymore. I lost by them a lot of time, money…and a client. In the RW community there are a lot of trustful deliverers of awesome products for RW, maybe it is time to rate these deliverers not only on their product, but also on their service and support. Because does not matter how big the RW market is, a deliverer sells a product and also must deliver some support with it if needed. By my opinion we must have a way to see how trustful or how good our RW deliverers are.


Rating of developers on their product and support merits would certainly be extremely helpful for users of this forum, but it would border on politics and—sadly—I don’t think RealMac would allow that. Perhaps on another forum?..


You are right, Realmac does not allow it. I was banned already here 2 times because i was communicatiing about the mentioned developer who did not refund me after its product just did not function. I asked Realmac if they could add this rating, but they said what was there now is enough. My opinion is still that it is not enough is some cases. But ok, i banned that developer and only do business with the trustful ones… it only cost frustration, money and time (sometimes a client) to found out who are these trustful ones.

Not sure what forum would be objective. There is no RUG(Rapidweaver User Group) that’s independent of all developers. For a rating to have any value, it would need to be independent and moderated by someone outside.

I think each person has different experiences with various vendors. My experience is most do a pretty good job.

As for Michael(@yuzool), he has appeared to have left RapidWeaver. His last post, both here and over on RW4ALL (where he has his a category for support), was October 10th.

The only mention is complaints, perhaps @dan has a way to contact him. It is in the best interest of RapidWeaver’s reputation not to have a vendor that’s not responsive.


I know a number of members here are saying negative things about Yuzoolthemes but my experience is otherwise.
On the one occasion I had an issue with a purchase, I found the response to be both timely and positive.


Unlike some others, and the delay in responding (or sometimes unanswered), my overall experience with @yuzool, Michael, is good and satisfying. I hope that Michael will join the RW activity again, or that some other developer can take over ‘Yuzoolthemes’, since it has very good products :ok_hand:


Cancel through PayPal

I have also had nothing but good interactions with the @yuzool team over the years. I don’t know what is going on with the RapidWeaver side of his business, but on the Pulse side I do know that there have been several changes recently, and they have added more customer support over the last few months, and Pulse itself has had a few recent updates. Hopefully they do the same here for RapidWeaver.


Hi all,

I’m going to add to this warning. In additional to getting no response from Yuzool to multiple stack-related inquiries, I also signed up to an SEO-related product by the same developer. In that, there was data published to the public web that was not disclosed in advance, and I wrote MANY times about it, with no response. I tried to cancel the account, but there was no way to do it, and my emails about that were also ignored. I even wrote to the developer through Yuzool email addresses in an attempt to reach them.

Not only was my account not cancelled – I was charged again for a renewal with no warning or notification! After more emails with never a single response, I had to dispute the charge with my credit card. In a dispute, they contact the merchant – but even the card company was unable to get a response. Ultimately they had me cancel the card to avoid future charges, which of course is a huge hassle.

It baffles me how new products still got released from them, with these kinds of business practices and serious financial issues.

Rovertek’s list is spot on. Those are stellar developers, and I have had terrific experiences with several of them, both the products and the interactions & support.

Yuzool is not at all representative of the RW developers community. Balance the feedback here for yourself, of course, but I believe you do business with them at your own risk.


I feel your pain, Ben.

I had a brief look at the Yuzool website, which interestingly doesn’t have any “Contact Us” page, nor any postal address - just products and checkout.

I use Trustpilot a lot in order to verify whether sites are bonafide, or not, as well as to hear the experience of others. You may wish to consider sharing your experience on this independent platform.

Keep this thread alive and let us all know how things progress.

Best of luck to you.

While reminiscing about @yuzool’s glorious past is valiant, have you considered that things appear to have changed?

How many of you have heard from @Yuzool recently? Recommending someone who seems to have done a runner with people’s hard earned cash is something I wouldn’t endorse.

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For those who have had issues, have you contacted the Better Business Bureau?

@yuzool is in Japan, which could be part of the problem. I doubt if the Better Business Bureau reaches that far.

Support emails and refunds can’t be delivered from Japan?

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Waste of time in my experience… If you can’t fight it financially you probably lost the money.

Money used to pay for stuff from Paypal comes from somewhere. Most people tie it to a bank account or credit cars. You need to fight things like this from the source of the money. I am like a dog with a bone if I feel cheated. I have NEVER not gotten my money back. I also insist on speaking to a person if I am not getting the answers I want. It is easy for somebody to deny a claim by pressing a button. It is harder when they have to reason with you. Don’t be affraid to ask for a supervisor if you don’t get anywhere with the first person you speak with.

I do this when I feel cheated… not when I have buyer’s remorse. If a product I use requires a subscription… the first thing I do is cancel the subscription. If you can’t because it closes your account immediately I put it on my calendar.

The best policy is to avoid this very time consuming and frustrating excercise. I believe any subscription should require your re-authorization. None should be automatic…

You need to keep good documentation to support your case. If a contact form is the only way you can contact a vendor take screenshots of your message sent if you don’t receive a response.

The other thing is to act quickly. As soon as you see a charge dispute it with the seller. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours from the seller start the dispute with your financial institute.

Just a few minutes ago, I had a marketing email from Yuzool for his GoogleSheets stack - so it looks he’s still active.

My bank is just the opposite. They always tell me to wait several days or a week…

It isn’t about length of time only. It is about action being taken by the seller. I always start with trying to work things out with the seller. If they are able to take my money, they should be able to respond to me about it.

If I am being ignored by a seller that took money from me… NO WAITING. If they are answering and trying to work with me then it may be different. It depends on the tone of things.

My way has worked for me. It is a rare occurrence… for one thing it is time consumptive. The easy route is track your subscriptions via your calendar. I have subscriptions on my iPhone for a few different services. The first thing I do when I subscribe to anything is to cancel the renewal. If cancelling ends things immediately I put it on my calendar with a couple reminders prior to the end date. It is easy enough to resign up If I choose.

Much of this nonsense could be avoided if you had to manually approve all subscriptions. To be forced to pay for a service for a year due to automatic renewal is not a fair business practice.

I was temporary blocked on this forum last year by the ‘Realmac’ administrator because is said something about @yuzool in how they treated me as i client. Already than i found that by my opinion this developer is protected somehow by them. I was forced to backoff. They left me in the cold. I lost a client, my money but also the trust as customer from @yuzool and Realmac. I am now way more careful in from who i buy stacks and such… i am only buying with some real trustful ones. That is bad for all newcomers, because i do not try them out anymore and take the risk in not getting the support by the developer and Realmac.