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(Tyler Coleman) #78

Hey Doug,

Thanks for the suggestions and info. A side note: It’s interesting because even on my main domain ( I still can’t use my custom email "" with Formloom 3 as the To/From email address. Nothing gets sent or delivered even though it’s the same email extension as my domain. And this has been a long standing issue even before I switched to Midphase. I’m at least able to use my email address to send and receive with Formloom 3, but not my custom email address even though it’s on the same domain.

All that to say, I don’t think the To/From email field in the Booking stack has to be To/From a custom email with the same extension as the domain that it’s on. I would assume it’d work with any email address.



(Doug Bennett) #79

I’m surprised you can use gmail. Most hosting companies have restrictions as to not allow Spamming from their mail servers/IP addresses.

(Michael Frankland) #80

Thanks for the feedback @manuvmusic and making updates all the time to this addon so please keep an eye here for updates:

Let me run through your points.

G1) That was added in the cache as some people would refresh their browser so it kept as much data as possible to stop having to type it in again

G2) Good idea but difficult as the way the pages export it’s different every time so you need to follow the steps in the manual to create the button (as you found it)

G3) Good idea and have this already in a BETA version but requires setup on the Google accounts side. So might open a support headache so still thinking how best to do this.

F1-4) Thanks for those and will add more fields in a future update :slight_smile:

F5) The auto greying without a database is difficult, one work around is relating to the Google Sheets integration and showing a Google Calendar.

E1) I think that’s something on that server as you’ve discussed with Doug. It should use PHP mail on the server to send it out. Gmail or yahoo should work fine. If it’s not working, please ask the host for their input and send me a DM with server access and I’ll have a test.

E2) Yes we had this but took it away as it was getting long on some emails and some users didn’t like it. Maybe bring it back as an option is a good idea.


(Tyler Coleman) #81

Hey Michael! Okay, I finally heard back from Midphase regarding why I’m not receiving email confirmations from the Booking Stack:

It appears your code is using php mailer function, which will not work on your server. Since your mail is not hosted through cPanel you will need to use SMTP connections with your mail form.

Hopefully this will help shed some light on why the email notifications don’t work for me.

(Michael Frankland) #82

Ah ok …

Booking Stack doesn’t have SMTP support but I’ll add it to the list for a future update.

In the meantime, could you add a quick email for that site via cPanel. E.g. “notifications@domain” or something just to get emails for that site running through the server?


(Michael Frankland) #83

@manuvmusic - released 1.5.5 update this week with SMTP settings :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea/comment about this!

(Tyler Coleman) #85

Thank you so much, Michael! You’re the best. Will be putting to the test in the next few days.

Thanks again,


(Andy D) #86

Interested to know where this stack is at these days, specifically:

  1. Is it completely flexible when showing available booking slots? i.e. I can set specific times on specific days with specific durations?
  2. Does it remove availability of slots once booked?
  3. Can an admin easily view all booked slots in a calendar view?

Thanks @yuzool

(Michael Frankland) #87

Thanks @A.D.STUDIO :slight_smile:

  1. Not really - as a booker, yes. But as an admin you can set time ranges but not restrict by day.
  2. Yes
  3. No - only Table (CSV) view

(Hans van Bergen) #88


Can anyone help me to fix this problem with the Booking stack? When I disable the end date in the stack, the following parse error appears:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘)’ in /private/var/folders/3p/3ld_khfd02sfz083n5npwzvw0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/37588/document-0x6080003fba00/RWDocumentPagePreview/index.php on line 241

Does anyone know how to fix this? I already wrote to Yuzool more the a week ago but I didn’t get a reaction. I use the stack at the moment for a restaurant, so I don’t need an end time. I already have updated to RapidWeaver 8, and I use de the latest version of Booking, but the problem still exists.



(Michael Frankland) #89

Solution is fixed here:

(Hans van Bergen) #90

Thank you very much for your help @yuzool. I’m so glad the problem is fixed. I use the stack for the website of client, a restaurant, and he kept complaining about the booking form on his site. Thanks Michael for fixing the problem.

Have a great weekend,


(Adriano ) #91

Hello yuzool,

I have just bought your stack.

As I can see you are open to suggestions and motivated to improve your stack always, I want to ask you if you can consider the following points for the next update.

  1. I would love to be able to select which day consumers can book my service. For example, I want clients to call me for a specific service just on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  2. Also, I would like to have the option to set a calendar limit, so that people cannot book for April 2020 etc. That would be handy. So, for instance I want to limit the booking slots for three months only from today

  3. Lastly, it would be lovely if there would be the chance to integrate inside booking stack other stacks as well.

Thank you.

I am looking forward to seeing this stack shine with more added features. :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #92

Great comments @Adri12

Always open to ideas and feedback has helped me shape all Stacks etc - it’s a win-win approach! :slight_smile:

So thanks for noticing and for taking the time to write in and will definitely consider these for the next round of updates

(Sefa Pekelli) #93

Hi :grinning:

“Email notifications to site admin and booker when a reservation is placed” don´t work…how to fix this?:sweat:

All other formulas create with FormLoom works on this Server.

(Sefa Pekelli) #94

Hi Tayler,

have you fix the problem with EMAIL NOTIFICATION ?
I have the same problems but no answer from developer…

best regards

(Jasper Kok) #95

I have also the problem that email is not working not with SMTP and also not without SMTP. I have another contact form on the site that does not use SMTP and works fine.

(Sefa Pekelli) #96

Same problem…i have buy it…can not use it…but i need it!
Have send lots of Mails to developer…NO ANSWER!

(David Freels) #97

His website no longer loads on an iPhone, except for the Black Friday bundle. I was trying to check out his Black Friday specials but couldn’t. I don’t know what’s going on with @yuzool

(Jasper Kok) #98

@yuzool Hello some response please?