💥 RapidWeaver Customisations by the Yuzoolthemes Team

Announcing A new service provided by Yuzoolthemes to our valued customers and anyone else wishing to take advantage of this new service stream.

Common small task requests:
:white_check_mark: Change functionality in Stacks.
:white_check_mark: Add options in Themes.
:white_check_mark: Install Dropkick CMS.
:white_check_mark: Any other small RapidWeaver tasks you have, we can do it!

What is this? What happens after I submit the task?
This is a special service to customise RapidWeaver and Yuzoolthemes Themes, Widgets and Stacks. We’ll review it as soon as you submit and get back to you as soon as we can with an estimate. Usually within 24 hours on a working day.

Who does this?
This is not outsourced. We (the Yuzoolthemes team of Michael - @yuzool , Stuart - @kryten and Brad - @Turtle ) are dedicating 1-2 full days per week to help with any customisations required. This is because we have had so many requests for such work - there seems to be a need!

More information can be found at our Yuzoolthemes Customising page

Kind Regards
The Yuzoolthemes Team


Good idea. I believe that @willwood also offers custom work on his themes and stacks as a paid-for service.

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