Bootslim theme menu problem


I purchase this theme:
Now I have problems, when I built my new website…
Can anyone help me please?

  1. Menus → submenu (submenu should not be always visible? Is there any way to hidden it and it comes visible when click?)
    How I can fix that?

  2. When I scroll page, it look like this! Title/Slogan/logo and menus are messed up!

  3. How I can adjust Background overlay?

  4. How I can remove or define these???

Hi there @Machist! From everything I can see from the URL you posted, that does not appear to be a RapidWeaver theme, but instead something built for Bootstrap.

Addendum: I browsed through the rest of the site and found the RW theme download. That being said – have you dropped the developer of the theme an email?

Hi, Yes I have informed in that problem by developer. Not answer yet.

Hi, seems that support not answer so I have unusable template in my hands :frowning:
Is there anyone who can look code?

There is bootstrap.css:

Ok, I give up… I pay 10€ for nothing because this theme is not work :cry:

I purchase new theme:

This looks good and I think I get support if I need? :wink:

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You get fast and excellent support from @Elixir :slight_smile: