Breadcrumb Trail Stack?

Anyone know of a breadcrumb trail stack for use when you would like to reposition the breadcrumb trail from its standard theme position? I’m aware Freestacks and Foundation both have one but I’m looking for something that would work in a regular theme

i’m also looking for something like that right now.
Can anyone help?

The Foundation set has a breadcrumb stack that you can place where ever you like. I’m guessing the others might as well (i.e. Foundry and UIKit). I’m not sure how (or if) you can do it with other themes though

The problem with a genric breadcrumb stack is the them sets the breadcrumb separators. So a stack would need to know what the seporators were to format.
you could build your own with stacks4stacks builder stack:

To get the breadcrumb you would use the %breadcrumb%. All the theme specific sets of stacks like Freestack, Foundry, Foundations, know what the them is passing (Since it is a one theme stack), so they can format accordingly.

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