Build a page at home, add to site at work?

(Ben Balser) #1

I have Rapidweaver at work and at home (my wife and I each have businesses at home). I need to add a page to the site at work, but won’t be at the office for a few days. Is there a way to build it here at home in a Rapidweaver project, export it, and then when I’m back at work in a few days, import it to the existing Rapidweaver project?

I have a hard drive (T’bolt SSD) that I use to carry files back and forth, as I do work from home often. I used to copy the whole Rapidweaver project from my work Mac to bring home. Then when back at work, simply overwrite the old copy at work with the new updated copy I modified on at home. But the site is getting larger, and taking time to copy over, so that is not an efficient solution any longer.

Here’s what I’d love, is an XML solution with RW. I run the post production dept for a TV station. Our NLE can export an XML, I can bring that home (email it, text message it, dropbox it, etc) and work on it at home, export an XML file, then bring that back to work. Very quick, clean, efficient. The same type of solution would be great for RW users like me. An .RWXML file type would rock.

Open to workable, reasonable suggestions!

P.S. I can remote in to the Mac at work from home with TeamViewer, but that is sluggish, not smooth, I hate doing that, really would love to avoid it. Plus TeamViewer takes the work Mac offline often for unknown reasons.

(scott williams) #2

If it’s a brand new page, just build it in a new project.
Take that project to work, open it as well as the work project and just drag the new page from one project to the other.

When finished, trash the temporary project.

(Ben Balser) #3

Seriously, you can do that? Wow, that’s pretty cool. Thanks!