Built-in RW7 Photo Gallery generates obsolete non-responsive HTML4

(Chris) #1

I recently used RW to make a site for a family member who is an artist. They had been recommended to use RW and so purchased a copy for me to work with. I did the work as a favor.

All was good except for the use of the built-in photo gallery plugin. The plugin generates a list of thumbnails and a separate page for rendering each thumbnail in its own page.

The problem is with the generated code for the full size view. The <!DOCTYPE generated is for HTML4 and has the unfortunate side-effect of scaling down the text on the full size images to illegible sizes on mobile phones.

I had to write some javascript to test if the page has a viewport meta tag and if it doesn’t inject a viewport tag which defines the initial-scale, maximum scale.

This then exposed a bug in RW. The generated code attempts to read the global.js file but it refers to a non-existent rw_common directory. The rw_common directory is actually two directories up. Consequently I had to add copies of the rw_common directory into each gallery’s directory so that the generated HTML could load the script.

I come away from this exercise with a very low opinion of Rapdidweaver. There is no excuse for it to be generating obsolete/unresponsive code, and makes me wonder whether the app is just a trojan horse to sell ‘Stacks’.