Button Maker Stack


I purchased Button Maker late last year and installed it into my RW6 used it on my website without any issues.

Over the past few months I was beta testing RW7 and did not use my RW6 during that time.

I opened my RW6 yesterday to do some work on my website, when i went to use my Button Maker
it had vanished and only the Demo version was left.

I have uninstalled the demo removed it ocmpletely, I have also remove RW 7 Beta off my computer.

I attempted to reinstall Button Maker into my RW6 and get an error message “Intallation Failed”

My RW6 is fully updated along with all the plug ins and addons.

My Mac system is completely updated I use El Capitan

I have purchased and installed a number of plugins without any issues.

Anyone have any suggestions on how i can get this plugin to install please

The “Installation Failed” is (most often) due to a known bug in RapidWeaver 6 (fixed in RW7) – that fails to install things if there are other similarly named things already installed.

I would recommend using Stacks to open your library folder and look for all items that are named similarly. Remove them and then copy in the new stack.

If you still have trouble you can send an email to support@yourhead.com and we can help you work it out.


I have taken those steps you recommended without success.

Email sent to support