BWD Section Pro: Fixed scroll between sections?

(steve bee) #1

I’m working on a new site…

You will see that the first two sections on that homepage consist of two Section Pro stacks at 100% browser height. I have included Mouser stacks to get between them in complete sections, but I also want to force scrolling between the sections in the same way. Possible?

Wondering if introducing BWD’s Magicgellan stack will come into the the equation?

Tagging those who might be able to help, but advice gratefully received from others too!


(Andrew Tavernor) #2

I presume you mean hijacking of the scroll event to snap scroll between markers? If so no, the only way to do this is to build the page using Screens which essentially makes the page into one big vertical slider where the page itself does not really scroll.

(steve bee) #3

Yes, that is precisely what I want to do.