Can i share RW7 in two user accounts on the same Lap Top?

Hi all, this is connected with another post of mine below :-

I am having trouble in getting RW7 to publish anything via FTP (or SFTP), i dont really know yet where the trouble lies, the nice Apple support people suggested i created a second User Account, this i have done another ADMIN account :slight_smile:
But of course i would like to use RW7 that i have fully registered in my normal account, is it possible to Share RW7 with both accounts ??? and HOW can it be done.

I installed the 30day Trial version but without any of my Themes and Stacks being available it was a bit of a waste of time.

Any ideas anyone ?

I am nearly ready to chuck my Lap Top in the dustbin !!!


Change where the location of your addons are to a centralized place, so both accounts can access them.

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Don’t know if this will fix your problem but you can check out this:

Programs in application folder should be there for both users.

If your running RW7 you can check out:

@teefers @zeebe thank you chaps for your valued input.

While i am logged into the new user account i can already see all my Files and folders in my Main account.

I think the main problem i have is being able to use my registered Rapidweaver 7 inside this new account. How can i Share RW 7 ??


You can get your registration number for RapidWeaver 7 under the RapidWeaver 7 menu and down to Registration. This will bring up a box like this:

Where the blue line is you should see your license number, copy that down and enter it again on the new user.

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