Can I Still Use Flash Contented Themes in RapidWeaver 7?

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I am still using a template with Flash content, is there any way to get it to work in RapidWeaver 7?
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I think your going to be running into issues with flash going forward. Web Browsers will stop supporting Flash


Agreed. Google, Microsoft (Edge) Mozilla and Firefox have all announced they are pulling support for Flash - it’s not the way forward due to superior in-browser media experience with HTML5 and Flash’s vulnerability to cyber attacks

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Keep in mind that pretty much all mobile devices do not run Flash. That plus the major modern browsers have it deactivated by default, even if it is installed. I think its safe to say that a huge proportion, maybe even a majority, of your visitors won’t even see the content.

If you are updating your site, bite the bullet, and use a more modern approach to whatever that content is.


Thank You all for your advice, I kind of figured I’d ask before I go and juggle things around, but I’m sure you are correct and I should take advantage of what RapidWeaver 7 has to offer…
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