Can we help this user before he leaves RW?!

Thread is here, could be a FormLoom 4 or server issue:

@yabdab what’s the deal here, what have you suggested and have you tried to run his project on your own server?

I just hate to hear that people are leaving RW due to third-party/server issues like this…

Anyone else had experience with this or able to offer help?

No Dan, I never test my stuff on actual live servers. That would be silly.

I just hate when someone states that an issue is the plugin developer’s fault only to realize it is the platform’s fault :confused:

Not a single other user is having any issues that I know of, just this Andy fella. The guy is a known troll and not easy to deal with. I have answered all his emails at my support desk ( the official way to get support from me ).

@yabdab He doesn’t appear to be a “troll”, just a customer that needs help. I can understand his frustration.

I just thought you might have more experience with it all and be able to help him. What did you suggest he try?

At the end of the day, I’m Just trying to get our customer back up and running.


Turns out this is not a Formloom or RapidWeaver issue at all. :wink:

Just a very slow SMTP server that takes longer than 15 seconds to process. This is something that Formloom cannot control.

15 seconds is normally way longer than what is needed to submit a form, that is why it is hardcoded in Formlom JS. Most users will never need anything longer than this.

I have sent instructions to the user on how to manually edit the browser timeout setting until a custom setting can be added to Formloom to adjust this.


I’m just pleased we got this sorted in the end :smiley:


FYI , This guy is actually @A.D.STUDIO ( Andy Downer )

In the past he has been a real pain for many devs when we don’t add a feature he wants.

In this case, under the newly created guise of @Custard-Apple, he is playing much nicer.