Cannot export images

I cannot export images from Squash 3. This applies to build 812 but also to all previous builds I had installed (including the original pre-release version made available to the email list).

Here’s the process and result:

  1. Drag a folder with 2490 images ( ~/Downloads/-screenshots/alba/ ) at 5120x2880 to Squash 3.
  2. Wait until window populates with images.
  3. Apply settings in screenshot:
  4. Click “Export Images” (or “Export All Images”).
  5. Select export to folder ~/Downloads/-screenshots/squash-export/
  6. Nothing happens. No files appear in squash export/ and there is no progress dialog or anything.

Do you have any suggestions for what I can do? Is there a preferences file or support folder I should trash? I can’t find anything in ~/Library/Application Support/ or /Library/Application Support.

I have the same problem for export images! I use Squash 3 (build 812) on a MacBook Pro with macOS 11.5.2
8004 SQ3

I found that there is no folder selected even I have chosen a folder for export. Refer to the image above.

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You can switch off the “Export” tab and Squash will ask you where to save them.

The Export tab is for choosing a folder, so you can easily do multiple batches all to the same place (the Export location is is also remember by “Presets”).

Hope that helps.

Hi, Dan. Thanks for the help. By turning off the export option in my preset, and then selecting a folder manually after hitting the export button, I was able to get an export out of Squash 3 for the first time!

If there is an issue with the export option in presets, it could be good to present an error message: otherwise the lack of output is mysterious.

Can I also ask: is there a limit of 750 images per export? This is the most I can get out at one time, although I am dragging 2490 images in. If there is that limit, a warning would be useful. Better yet, can the limit be extended? I have routinely dragged thousands (possibly over 10,000) images onto the original Squash, and it always worked fine as far as I can recall.

I’d love to be able to use Squash 3 for this task so I can:

  • Resize the images
  • Keep the original dates

Otherwise I’m stuck with imagemagick, which isn’t anywhere near as fast in my experience.

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