Can't update banner image since RW7 update

(Ben Balser) #1

I started a web site with the Vivid theme in RW6. I went in somewhere, the RW package or something, and added the images I needed for the site page banners: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. I updated to RW7 and those themes are not in the RW package any longer. I can’t find how to change these banner images any longer. I’d hate to change to a new theme just for this one little issue. Any help appreciated.

(LJ) #2

Vivid theme is not bundled with RW7 so you will need to get it from your RW6 addons. When installing RW7 did you copy across RW6 addons? Should have popped up as an option.

If you struggle with this, contact Joe workman and so long as you have proof of purchase I’m sure they’ll supply a download link.

Once in, you may need to add the photos again. if it’s inn the RW package, open the themes drawer and find Vivid. Right click on ‘Open Package Contents’ and add the banners in the relevant images / banner folder.

(Ben Balser) #3

OMG, the switch between 6 and 7 has been so confusing. Without and
engineering degree, well, we’re just switching all our sites over to
different themes. Total PITA, but, really messed up. We will figure it
out. Just a couple of small business people trying to have an online
presence without spending thousands of dollars for professional web
developers who never deliver anything worth while (long history of that).