Cart2 Stripe opening in new window - SOLVED

On the iPad google chrome the Stripe checkout box opens in a new window. The checkout box stays on the website on the desktop. Can this be changed for iPads and other notepads? To stay on the website this is?

Ok, on the Brave browser it doesn’t open in a new tab, but on Safari on my iPad it does.

Probably not connected to this issue, but you have some SSL errors.

All content needs to be served using https:// not http://

in addition, most content blockers will not allow those affiliate banners to display.

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Okay thanks. Maybe i will take the affiliate off.

If you really want the affiliate banners, you could download the images and host them yourself. Then just add the affiliate URL to the images.

@Jerome that’s Stripe’s preferred behaviour flow for iOS and we can’t change that. I think as it comes from testing it must be the most effective so probably best to trust it to make the most sales on mobile :sweat_smile:

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