Cart2 Stripe opening in new window - SOLVED

(Jeroen Born) #1

On the iPad google chrome the Stripe checkout box opens in a new window. The checkout box stays on the website on the desktop. Can this be changed for iPads and other notepads? To stay on the website this is?

(NeilUK) #2

Ok, on the Brave browser it doesn’t open in a new tab, but on Safari on my iPad it does.

(NeilUK) #3

Probably not connected to this issue, but you have some SSL errors.

All content needs to be served using https:// not http://

in addition, most content blockers will not allow those affiliate banners to display.

(Jeroen Born) #4

Okay thanks. Maybe i will take the affiliate off.

(NeilUK) #5

If you really want the affiliate banners, you could download the images and host them yourself. Then just add the affiliate URL to the images.

(Michael Frankland) #6

@Jerome that’s Stripe’s preferred behaviour flow for iOS and we can’t change that. I think as it comes from testing it must be the most effective so probably best to trust it to make the most sales on mobile :sweat_smile:

(system) #7

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