Cartloom Modification

G’day fellow Weavers!
So, I’ve got the beginnings of a store set up (and semi-live) at:

I need some blue-sky additions to Cartloom. If you go to the site and select, let’s say the Pink with White example, you’ll go to the product page to choose the size, mounting options, font (I’d like to have about 20 fonts when we actually launch) and the Personalization box.

First, the Personalization box needs the ability to add line breaks because I’d like the customer to be able to add line breaks for the personalization. Importantly, I’d ideally want to have a preview so the customer can see their message with the correct line breaks, displayed using whatever font they chose. Extra ideally, if they could see their preview in layout form. For example, if they choose a 3 X 9 nameplate, a preview would show a 3 X 9 "frame with their message in their font. Extra, extra ideally, it would display with white type on a pink background, black on a yellow background, etc. based upon the original item they chose.

So, knowing this (I’m sure you’ll have questions), is this something you think Cartloom could be modified to do? Or do you know someone who might be able to help make these features for us? Or is this too blue sky and would need a totally custom solution? Here is a site that does EXACTLY what I’m looking for:

Anybody have any ideas???


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