Changes to 8.1 php server?

@joeworkman We’ve been moving at an extremely rapid pace with RW8, I’ve re-written a bunch of antiquated underlying systems and changed entirely how site resources are handled, how publishing works, addons are located/migrated and rebuilt a tonne of the main UI. The result, RW is faster and more stable than ever. The changes to preview will become more apparent in the future, and you know what - I don’t need your permission to change things.

If you’re using the standard path variables that Isaiah mentioned you don’t need to make any changes, right?

@gibo Please don’t check for version numbers, just use the path supplied in the plugincommonpath param that gets passed to your plugin. Is there a reason you can’t use it?

We use this parameter in our built in Blog plugin for the smileys feature and had to make no changes at all for it to work in RW8.1

In RW6/RW7/RW8 the plugincommonpath contains files and the plugin’s extra files end up in


in RW8.1 the plugincommonpath contains ../rw_common/plugins/blog/ and the plugin’s extra files end up in


RW8.1’s preview content is now identical to the published output, which is infinitely better than exporting to two wildly different directory structures. @joeworkman, Not sure how that does not compute.