Charge for downloading / reading articles

A client wants to offer certain articles on his website. the user has to pay in order to read or to download them.

Who has done this on a website and how?
Maybe via an ECWID store?
Any alternatives?

Almost any payment method maybe used…some secure others not.
I just use PaySnap and send payment successful people to a unseen location…to download a pdf.
The end user could share the location, but they also could share the pdf.

Nice suggestion. Thank you!
But paysnap only offers paypal - I doubt that my client would be happy with that.

Are there other stacks that do similar things but offer various payment providers?

Here is an example of a german website, that charges for revealing the entire article and at the same time offers pretty flexible payment options:

The client prefers “pay per read” over “pay per download” by the way…

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