Charity Event Table Sales

(Linda Lang Pierce) #1

I am building a site for a charity event. They want to sell tickets a table of 10 at a time. They would ideally like to collect the names of the persons sitting at the table at the time of purchase.
Any Thoughts would be appreciated.

(scott williams) #2

Ecwid will give you a free account for up to 10 items. You can set an item up as a table of 10 and add a text imput box to collect the names.
Here is an example

(Linda Lang Pierce) #3

Thanks, but they currently have PayPal and square. I need to be able to collect all 10 names associated with the single ticket price.
Can RapidCart or Payloom do something like this?

(scott williams) #4

Ecwid works with both PayPal and Square too I believe you can check on their website. You can collect what ever you want.

(system) #5

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