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I\m setting up a members only site for a charity. At the front door I need a registration page, where wannabe members can signup. I then need to be able to verify them (manually checking email address) before granting access to the site.

I also ideally want an automated password recovery system, or have all the credentials stored in an easy to access file, so I can reset/recover lost passwords.

I’m doing this for free,it’s going to take too much time already, so I’m really not wanting to have to buy anything for it that I won’t need again.

I have the nice Mr. @yuzool Membership widget/snippet, but unless I’m mistaken there is no verification level or password recovery with that?

Any other suggestions?

If some kind sole fancies knocking up some php that does the job, I’ll be eternally grateful :slight_smile:

(steve bee) #2

Oh, hold on, Members does have a password retrieval thing.

Anyone know if @yuzool Members stack can be adapted to require regilstration approval?

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

I don’t know about Members, but Sitelok will certainly do all you want. If you’ve already purchased and this is a new domain then the extra license is $20. If your first domain then it’s $40.

(steve bee) #4

Thanks for that… But actually, hold everything.

It’s just occurred to me, I’m re-inventing the wheel. I shouldn’t be building them a site but customising a portalCMS/Forum thing. Like Joomla, or similar.

Anyone any experience of these platforms? The last one I played with was PHP Website, but it was over ten years ago!

Dare I say… Would WP do?

(Oliver) #5

Joomla! offers user-registration by default, this feature just has to be activated in the system settings. In addition it should be possible to assign every newly registered user automatically to a specific user group. Then you only need to grant this user group the rights to do whatever they shall be able to do.

I guess WordPress may also be able to do something similar, but as it’s rather a blogging platform you may need to extend it with some plugins.


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