Classified ad template or plugin site

(Ed Carbone) #1

I am looking for a ready to go “classified ad” template or plugin site, Can anyone help me with this?


(Stuart) #2

Here is a load of classified ad plugins that could potentially be integrated into your RW project:

(Paul Swan) #3

Thank you for the list. As a newbie to Rapidweaver, I’d like to know how, or where to find information, about integrating one of those plugins into my site.
I contacted one developer but they don’t provide any support for customisation.

(Stuart) #4

While RW is in many way a ‘web sites on rails’ production line there isn’t really any reason why one cannot integrate third party plugins based in javascript, PHP or third party CSS. It’s just not always obvious how to do it and as a newbie I certainly appreciate that you would want to see some examples and reference material for how to go about it.

I’m not in the least surprised that the codecanyon developers would not want to get into helping with this, my own experience is that they will only support their own code and how you integrate it into your project/platform is your problem.

I recently requested that @dan create a new tutorials section in this forum. I’m hoping that over the coming months I’ll contribute to that section with pieces like:

a) How to integrate third party sliders ( Layer slider, Revolution slider… stuff like that).
b) How to integrate third party calendars, maps, pricing tables and booking systems.
c) How to integrate third party CMS platforms.
d) How to customise some of the more complex stacks to harmonise with your theming.

That kind of thing. Potentially one of those classified ad plugins could be covered too I just can’t guarantee when I’ll get to it… hopefully others will see the benefit in that category and contribute too.

Good luck!

(Will Woodgate) #5

Maybe try the free Builder stack?

This will let you take basic plugins from websites like CodeCanyon and convert them into your own reusable stacks. It supports HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

I’d also recommend taking a look at StackApps if what to have stacks that can integrate with server-side coding and databases:
They actually already have an inventory example on that website, which looks as if it could be re-purposed for classified listings.

(Paul Swan) #6


Thanks for your understanding and replying.

Tutorials would certainly help, and I look forward to their creation.

Its hard to find what your looking for, (especially when you may not even know what that is) - even though you know what you want to achieve, and you’ve taken the first steps.


(Paul Swan) #7

Thanks for the links - very helpful.