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First-time poster. I have a client that would like to be able to publish their own messages to their website on the fly. Currently they do not have access to the site, I publish it. Is there a simple solution that would allow an area on the homepage to show whatever message they would like to enter, without them having control of the site?

Something like a blog that they control, but is shown on the site in a pop-up device? I’m not sure how to even research this. Any help/ideas appreciated!

Thank you.


There are a few different options (and if you’re searching the forums or Community Add-Ons - they’re reffered to as a CMS (content management systems)).

They come in a few different flavours. Off the top of y head there is:
Easy CMS (Joe Workman)
Total CMS (Joe Workman)
Armadillo (Nimblehost)
Pulse (Yuzool)
Webyep (Stacks4Stacks)
GO CMS (Nick Cates)

By the sounds of it, Easy CMS would probably be my recommendation (though I’m not terribly familiar with a few of the above)

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Thank you so much Jason for the examples, exactly what I was looking for!


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