CMS ecommerce solution 2019

I have Mac 0S 10.9 (yes, I know it’s old!), RW6 and will get Stacks 3 this week. Need to build a CMS ecommerce site where the client can change items/prices from their end and then go to payments (Paypal). Any suggestions? (other than get a new computer!! lol) Thank you for any input! Shari

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I believe that there’s also a Stacks-based e-commerce CMS about to be launched. I know no other details than that. Also, Ecwid is a good choice, as is Cartloom.


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Many people have built e-commerce into Total CMS. My site is running an alpha version of Total CMS 2 that will be a great option in the future.

Cartloom has a free “try before you buy” account.

Pulse has Ecommerce CMS built in (payments via PayPal):

Your client would be able to change items and prices from their Pulse admin dashboard after you have published the site in RapidWeaver with the Pulse Stacks.

Hope that helps


Thank you!

Thanks Joe!!

Am looking at both of these. Thank you!

Am considering this. Thank you

Thank you!

BTW you might not need to buy a new Mac just yet. I work on them and typically they simply need a memory upgrade and then you can simply install the latest OS (or at least a newer OS). If you post which Mac you have (model and model year, plus screen size) and how much memory you currently have, I can tell you what OS you can upgrade to.

As for CMS, as mentioned Cartloom Pro is a great way to go that doesn’t cost much.

I’ve heard there’s a new kid in town:

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That would be helpful! Thank you. Have Mac os 10.9.4 8 GB memory. I believe the year is 2014, Screen size 21".

You should be able to tell for sure what you have and the year by hitting the Apple icon  in the menu and choose About This Mac. You will get a popup like this:


If you do have a 2014 iMac with 8GB, you should be able to upgrade to the latest macOS Mojave. You can get it from the app store, make sure you have a backup.

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Thank you. Your 21.5" iMac should have a 1.4GHz. processor (i5). Model identifier iMac 14,4. Model A1418. Could you verify that (or post your serial number so we can verify). If so it takes a maximum of 8GB of - built-in - memory (you cannot upgrade this computer memory wise). The original OS that came with the computer was 10.9.3 (13D2061).

You can use the newest version of the Mac OS in your computer and it would run slightly better, but do not upgrade UNTIL you do a full OS backup (this is for your protection). 99 out of 100 times computers upgrade successfully, but it’s that 1% of the time that they don’t back-up correctly that is of concern. Do you have a back-up program running on your machine? You do NOT want to use Time Machine for this function. If not then I can send you links to several good OS X backup programs.

If you have a recent OS back-up (that was performed today) then you simply just need to go to the App Store (it’s the app icon in your applications folder that looks like the letter A) and click on MacOS MoJave or simply click here;

Plan ahead Shari. On some machines it could take up to several hours to fully upgrade. This is usually dependent of your Internet speed and/or how busy Apples servers are when you do this. I always plan for the worse and then if it completes faster - then all the better.

Once the back-up is complete you should run Disk Utility from your Applications > Utilities folder. It’s a few mouse clicks and will ensure everything copied over correctly. I can walk you through this quick process if you need. Don’t do another back-up until you are happy that everything on your iMac is running as it should. You should see better performance, and programs like Rapidweaver should also run better. Any questions simply ask, or send me a forum PM. Hope that helps!

Rapidcart Pro :

I must say, every time I see this plug-in I like it, and then every time I see the price I get scared away, LOL. It does have a very nice look and feel to it though.

Can’t thank you enuf AngelArs for all this great info! Will act on it as I can. Will get an apple geek (a friend) over to help with back ups. Thanks for the info on not relying on time Machine. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks Doug!