Community site advertising

@ben & @dan – Is advertising coming back to the Community site? How about the recommended add-ons feature that was shown at the bottom of each add-on page?

We have decided to remove all advertising from the site, at least for now.

The recommendations on addon pages will return in the near future - this is tied in part of the new search that went live last week.

I’m deploying updates to the site daily, so if there’s anything else you think the site should have please let me know.

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Since there isn’t an advertising level for developers now, can we include videos in our product pages like were offered before?

I have plans for videos on the add-on pages - stay tuned.

But yes, if you have a video for the add-on on YouTube, you should update your addons in the admin area to include the YouTube ID. I can then use your videos across the site for promoting your addons.


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I’ll go through and add video IDs in whatever down time I can find. Thanks for this @ben. Look forward to seeing things come together.