[Community Site] Categories are coming — feedback required!

Hello lovely developers,

I have some important information about changes to the way you tag your addons on the community site. Currently you can tag you addon with up to five tags — and there’s no restriction on what you tag your addon with.

Sometime next week tags are going to be replaced by categories.

  • Categories will be a pre-defined list (see below), managed by us (Realmac Software)
  • You will be able to specify up to two (this number might change) categories, from our pre-defined list, for each addon.
  • I will convert, where possible, all addons that had already been tagged with one of our new categories.

Example: if your addon is current tagged with “eCommerce”, I will automatically add that addon to the “eCommerce” category.

Below is my current list of categories (this might change). Is there a category that you’d like me to add?

RapidWeaver Community Categories

  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Blogging
  • Buttons
  • CMS
  • Code
  • Columns
  • eCommerce
  • ExtraContent
  • Filtering
  • Fonts
  • Forms
  • Frameworks
  • Gallery
  • Grid
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Lightboxes
  • Lists
  • Menu
  • Media
  • Modals (might rename to Popups, thoughts?)
  • Photography
  • Portfolio
  • Responsive
  • Retina
  • Search
  • Slideshows
  • Social
  • Utilities
  • Video

Our aim with adding these categories is to make it easier for customers to find the right addon :smile:

Not sure that Responsive makes sense as a category. Unless something can be in multiple categories. However, isn’t pretty much everything responsive now?

Good point. Maybe we don’t need Responsive then.

Yes, at least two categories (we’re undecided on how many categories each addon can be in).

Is two categories enough for everyone? Do you think you’d need three? Keep in mind that we want to keep the categories as focused as possible, as we want users to find addons as easily as possible :slightly_smiling:

Hi Ben,

A few additional suggestions for categories:

  • Rating
  • Printing
  • 3D
  • Tracking
  • Text

I think 2 categories is probably enough - Assuming users will select from a single master dropdown of categories to view all addons in that category (filtered by whatever main addon section they’re interested in)

Anyone else got an opinion on the categories? Now is the time to speak up as I will be starting work on converting tags in the next couple of days.

How about
Database or mysql?

If you are going to allow multiple categories… why have a limit?

More Feedback…

Grid vs Columns vs Layout? I would think just Layout…
Media vs Audio vs Video? I say just Media…
Photography vs Images vs Portfolio vs Gallery vs Retina? I say Images and Gallery…

I would rename Slideshows to Sliders

What would go into ExtraContent?

Rating, Printing, 3D => I vote no

Tracking => I like it. Maybe call it Analytics instead

Database => Yes.

I prefer “analytics” over “tracking” too

Themes. Themes that have ExtraContent areas.

Same reason as the app store — we want to keep the categories focused, and not allow you to just add your addon to every category just because you can.

Agree that some categories could be combined. This list is just a brain dump of everything I thought would be useful.

As @Elixir says, themes. But I’m 50/50 about including this one.

Yep, Analytics is better.

Yep, good addition.

Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling:

Hi Guys,

Ben mentioned about keeping the categories focused. Focus is good, as long as it’s specific. I think the tendency here is drifting towards generic terms, which I think is a mistake. Ex. : Media, which will just lump a bunch of addons together - not really a good thing for the visitor who’s specifically looking for Video.

Most of the suggestions I made were for stacks that really are unique and aren’t a good fit into generic categories - I’m sure there’s plenty of others that could do w/ a specific category as well.

I have a few questions about Printing, 3D, and Text.

How many stacks are actually going to fit in to those categories?

Are users really looking for “Printing Stacks”?

What is a “3D stack”?

Are pretty much all stacks “text” based in some way? A text category doesn’t really describe anything about the addon, IMO.

Thanks again for the feedback, keep it coming :slightly_smiling:

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Well, I can only speak for myself, but I know of other devs who have stacks that are similar so they are out there.

Yep, users are buying printing stacks - which help control what is printed from a webpage.

3D - any stack that produces content in 3-dimensions. I actually have two. This is a growing thing as web-standards & browser support matures.

Text - maybe that’s not specific enough. I have a stack that handles custom initials at the beginning of a paragraph. What would you recommend for a specific category for this?

Hi Ben,

How about adding in a “Blank” category for themes? There are multiple blank stacks themes out now and more coming this year.


This update is now online http://rapidweavercommunity.com/rapidweaver/addons (alongside a new designs and quite a few other new features)

I have converted over as many tags as possible to these new Categories, however there were so many tags (over 900) with multiple permutations that I may have missed a few.

The best way to ensure your addons are in the most suitable categories is to go and add them via the admin area. The categories can be edited in exactly the same way as tags: via the “Details” editing form for each addon.

You can place your addon in a maximum of three categories.

Let me know if you need any help!

Would the “Frameworks” category not work for “blank” themes? Obviously anything using Foundation or Bootstrap fits nicely, so maybe that would be best for those.

I wonder if users are searching for “blank” themes??