Connecting to RapidWeaver PHP server from external device

I finally figured out how to connect to RapidWeaver’s PHP server from an external device! It’s pretty simply. When RapidWeaver starts the server, you simply need to start it with an IP of This will allow it to accept external connection and still work with as well.

This will be a game changer! Users will eat this up…

php -S

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@dan @tpbradley @simon Any thoughts on this one?

@joeworkman If I remember correctly we tried using and found that it causes various problems including a firewall alert to be shown when launching RapidWeaver.

I managed to find these threads that talk more about the problems.


I’m fine with a firewall alert. Makes sense since we want external connections.

This should be than an option for the end user to allow access from other devices in the same network (=firewall alert when starting the server), or to restrict to local host access.

Maybe combine that with Handoff support (so you can sell this option as feature :wink:).

If doing per default, a lot of users will raise questions what this firewall alert is all about.

It does not need a preference. That is what the firewall is for. If the user doesn’t want that then they can deny the firewall request.

Then I suggest @zeebe handles all the upcoming support requests of irritated users not knowing what a firewall :fire: is all about, or where the firewall settings can be changed afterwards :upside_down_face:

A preference in RapidWeaver wont help those people. But let’s not allow those people from stopping us from having nice things