Contact form not always working

Hi everyone,

I’ve made several websites already, using the contact form which I enter as a page in a blocks page as I want it integrated in an existing page.
When I test the system on several computers mac and android/iphone/ipad at my place it works.
However, I only get part of the replies from the customers.
I found this out by coincidence as I made a personal site for a party and noticed that some confirmations didn’t reach me although these people confirmed that they filled out and sent the form.
Has anyone encountered this problem or have a solution for it ? Is it related to ‘blocks’ or might it be related to the themes (I’ve encountered it with several themes already).

I’ve changed my contact form to a link to my mail now, but I want to use the contact form page also as it allows you to have all the answers you need in your reply.


I am using FormLoom and have it also writing to a google sheet just in case I have issues with my iCloud account like I did last week .

The contact form is basic but it’s all I need, so I don’t really want to purchase another plugin when this one is sufficient. I would however like to solve this issue of selective replies …


I’ve had exactly the same problem over the past couple of years.

This has happened with the inbuilt contact form (as a page type), various variants of stacks contact forms and the built in Foundation forms.

All seemed to work at first but then started to fail in exactly the way you describe.

I’ve assumed it’s my hosting, here’s one of their replies:

The issue here is always regarding wether (sic) the email is sent using our mails servers, with authenticated SMTP or using the web server where the website is hosted.

If the email is sent from the web server, regardless of the type of contact form, you will still have the same problem. You have to make sure that the contact form uses the host (which is a mail server) and one of your email accounts as username and password.

They’ve also given blacklisting as a reason but I could use the same email address through a GoDaddy account at the same time with no problem.

I’m sticking with using a simple email link for now because I know it works reliably.
I’m not getting much spam because the spam bots are so busy trying to unearth munged addresses they don’t seem to see the plain text staring them in the face.


Thanks for the reply, it clarifies a lot. I’m also doing the e-mail link just to be sure, but I do want those contact forms to work so I’ll give it a try with that mail server.