Control the size of the Link stack

How can I precisely control the size of the Link stack of Foundation 6? And the text within the link buttons? In the panel there’s only the possibility of XS, S, M and L. Choosing one of them determines the size of the text automatically. I want to use a three column stack for navigation on the site, in every column a Link stack. The M and L sizes let the link buttons visibly overlap each other in mobile mode. Making the links smaller (S or XS) wil make the text in the buttons too small.

Use a Font Style swatch to set the link button font size for s, m and large.

I’m using the class my-buttons and I’ve added that the the link stack.

Use a Width swatch to set the width of the buttons. I’m using 25% here and I’ve centred the 3 buttons in a one-column stack.

Thank you very much Gary! I will apply this in my project. Maybe this evening. I’ll let you know if this worked for me.

Three column F6 stack. Looks good on a mobile screen too.

Hi Gary, I promised to tell if it works. Well, it’s working! Thanks again!

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 5.10.05 PM

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