Converted a Wordpress site to Easy CMS using SiteSucke, Stacks 3, Foundation, and a bit of healthy curiosity

Converted a Wordpress site to Easy CMS using SiteSucker Originally posted in the Google+ RapidWeaver Community on Nov 27th 20015

So yesterday my family and I went to our friend’s house for a nice dinner.

At some point in the night my friend mentioned to me that the auto shop that she recently took over the management of is in a pinch with their website.

The previous manager had been the one who setup the current hosting and made the website in Wordpress. The manager is now nowhere to be found, no one has the password to the hosting, the website which has inaccurate hours of operation, and the hosting expires in just under a month.

[Update 1/2/15: To cap it off, some folks in the G+ community discovered a worm on the website that forwarded users to s span site that locked up the browser if the user was visiting for the first time AND was coming from a backlink; i.e. a yelp listing]

I told her that If she wanted a “quick and dirty” fix then she could simply use SiteSucker to pull the files and upload them to the new hosting provider. This would buy them some time while they work out their budget for the new site that she wants me to do.

I ended up pulling the files for her and sent them to her via email.
I then decided to see how easy it would be to import the site to Rapidweaver.

I pulled all of the image, css, and js files and put them into the RW resources. I then opened the html docs and used TextWrangler to Find & Replace to quickly alter links to files. I used the “…/” relative links so that they will work when the domain name is changed.

I copied the header info into the Global CSS box and the JS references into the Global JS box.

After that I used Stacks 3’s partials feature to setup the pages header, banner, side bar, and footer as this content is the same across all pages.The unique content was then placed onto the page as well. All of this was populated by simply copying the html from the .html files into the HTML stack that ships with Stacks 3.

I then setup the admin page, copied the content into the admin forms, and then placed replaced the content of the site with appropriate Easy CMS macros for text and relative urls for images.

The result?
Here is the original site NOTE!!! You must enter this url directly into your browser. Using the link will result in a undesirable redirect. You have been warned.

This one is safe -> here is the RW + Easy CMS version

Iv’e still go tho do a little bit up editing the site setup with fave cons and what not, but I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy :slight_smile:


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@BrandonCorlett Good Job and thanks for sharing.


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Remarkable. Not an obvious site to create in WP in the first place. You should be able to make it look a lot nicer now it’s in RW.

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That is impressive work! Well done.

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:slightly_smiling: Thank you. I look forward to doing the redesign in foundation and Total CMS.

Great work. I’ve got something similar coming up but managed to convince the client that a complete rebuild from the ground up would be better.

Ill have a look at site sucker as that’s an interesting tool by the sounds of things.

Keep us updated when you’ve completed the finished piece.

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