Corporation Yazool Theme Question

Three things, one a comment and the other two are questions.

  1. Not a problem just an observation. Using the Corporation theme from Yazool it is great but if you link to a site via a redirect on your provider then the iPhone version shows full size not miniaturised as normal on the device. If you go directly to the actual address in your browser it works OK.

  2. The question is on the Corporation theme how to change the text size in the header to make it bigger. I know there is something I can paste in the CSS page but I have tried numerous things (after reading the source) but I just can’t work it out.

  3. Is it possible to just get rid of the Navigation Link Accent (which I have made the same colour as the header so it can’t be seen).

Overall though I am very impressed with both Rapidweaver and Yazool for their terrific work and their support when issues / queries do arise…

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Thanks @Sparkoids James and great questions!

Q1. Do you mean if you link to a site from a Corporation Theme built site? It’s fully responsive so linking to a Corporation built site shouldn’t be a problem. Can you supply a test URL?

Q2. Yes!


#tagline {font-size: 3em;}

Change the font size to your liking!

Q3. Your solution is perfect actually!
But if you want to hide it completely just use this CSS:

#current, #navigation ul li a:hover {border-top: 0px !important;}

Add the CSS to the page inspector custom CSS pane.

Happy Weaving there! :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your response as always. The removal of the accent works perfectly but on the text change it doesn’t I’m afraid.

If you look at I mean the categories at the top text.

Finally it isn’t your theme that didn’t change it is all themes that do it in Rapidweaver 7. I can’t reproduce it at the minute because I have pages up on both separate sites but will outline it in another topic…

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Glad it worked out James…

Is this the Text you are hoping to change?

It seems to be in an HTML Stack or another Stack, and not the Site Slogan/Title of the theme.
If so you can add things like <h2>Your Text</h2> here for varying the sizes or use the Stacks controls?


Hi Michael. No it was the text at the very top of the page in the menu bar - the purple part. I can change anything in the actual pages thanks.

give this a try:

#navigation ul li a {
   font-size: 16px;

Play with the size (was 12px).


Thank you so much Doug! Perfect solution :-}


Last question then I’m out of here! How about the text size in the drop downs please! As in at the CONTACT drops down but the text is now too small. Any ideas please?

try this:

#navigation ul ul li a {
   font-size: 16px;

Again play with the size (was 12px), and this should do ALL dropdowns in the main navigation, so check them all.

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All working perfectly guys thank you as always.

I have an idea. I’m a fan of Yazool themes - clean looking and do what they say perfectly but I cannot be alone constantly asking for help on doing this doing that blah blah blah.

Why doesn’t someone do an overall “script” tool that allows everything that can be changed on the theme to be changed? By that for example I mean there is a method of changing the banner header on their Split theme which is linked to on their site which is great but why not make it a bit easier with an actual tool to do it?

So I wanted to change the text size here for example and I know the guys at Yazool will have written each theme in the same way so put that feature in an edit tool can’t be that hard can it?

Just a thought but I’d buy such a program / plug in and once that tool was available users would keep coming back to Yazool (or whoever wrote the theme the tool worked on)

Just a thought…

It’s a good idea… but I guess that tool is “RW”?

So adding more theme options for each element to change is what you are saying?

Yes. Have an add on / super inspector that tackles just your themes (since you wrote them and there will be common chunks of code that you use) and let’s everything be altered. For example the menu bar size at the top in Corporation should be changeable easily. Same with the text size in that menu for example. So when someone gets your themes they can edit everything in the theme but still stick to that actual theme.

I know you can do it because on your Yazool page you showed how the banner image could be changed to the users own picture in the Square theme and here you have posted how to change text sizes in the menus etc. So it can be done.

It would be a mammoth task to do but you’d only have to do it once and then as long as you stick to your own guidelines when designing things everything would just work. Not to say the level of Wix but just general things - inspector plus basically.

Once people had used your program (or super options in RW) they wouldn’t go anywhere else and they would be open to buying new themes when they became available.

Webdesigners could sit with a customer and almost edit the sites live. Using the menu bar as an example the designer could just keep increasing the pixel size in a box there and then until the customer was happy. Same with fonts etc etc.

I agree that Rapidweaver is the tool to do that but the reason people buy themes is they are just great timesavers - same with Stacks and because they don’t want to learn how to code - that’s what you guys do.

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