Crazy Links with Foundation/Sreens & LiquidColumns

(Wolf Ademeit) #1

For a Website I buid a user page with small user pictures inside a Sreens Site. First I tried to use Foundation Gird and Columns to create the site, but that don’t looks good at mobile devices, but every link works fine. Then I used LiquidColumns that works much better (missing a center option - in Screen the LiquidColumns content is not centered), but now the Links don’t work anymore. All the time only one link is working. The crazy thing is, if I change the browser window size than an the an other picture link works in this row.

Any idea about this issue?

(Joe Workman) #2

Rule #1 of asking for help with web things… what is the URL? :slight_smile:

(Wolf Ademeit) #3

In this case I it isn’t a public page. It is a closed forum, ready for beta test by some members. I could send you the URL by Email…

(Wolf Ademeit) #4

I uploaded a site that shows the problem to my test page

(Joe Workman) #5

Something happened with your link. It does not work.

(Wolf Ademeit) #6

sorry, last night we had trouble with internet connection - now it works…

(Joe Workman) #7

Inside Liquid Columns, you have each item set to be 150px wide plus a ton of margin on each side. remove that margin at least. Its not needed at all…

Not sure why Foundation columns or Block Grid would not work for you. They should. But fi you like Liquid Columns… that is fine.

(Wolf Ademeit) #8

I didn’t had set margins. I just tried BlockGird again. It maybe could work. But yesterday I did use it inside a Screens Slide and than it don’t work a iPhone. Only a couple items are visible and the rest is cut up. I’d uploaded the test project again and added two new sites. One is the BlockGrid that could work, next is the same BlockGird inside a Screens Slide that is cuttet. The reason to use Sreens, was to have this slide effect…

BTW, RW crashes all the time if I try to show a Sreens Page by using the iPhone preview. That is only happens with Screens Pages…
I run a 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xenon, 16 GB, Mac OSX 10.9.5