Create two columns in filesparing

I work amogst other themes with Depth now. The standard filesharing stack has only 1 column. Does anyone know the code to perform 2 columns in this plugin stack.

You probably mean the Filesharing page type, not stack. I don’t think Stacks ships with any file sharing element. You could build your own using columns and text stacks. If you’re talking specifically about the RapidWeaver Filesharing page type, then you can use CSS code to split the content into multiple columns:

@media screen and (min-width: 568px){
	#content {
		column-count: 2;	
                column-gap: 40px;

	.filesharing-item {
		-webkit-column-break-inside: avoid;
		page-break-inside: avoid;
		break-inside: avoid;

The exact code to use depends on the theme being used. In my themes it is most often the #content selector name to use, for controlling how many columns to display. In other themes it might be different. Some themes carry the option already to split your content container into multiple columns, without needing any CSS code (check in the theme style settings).

The above CSS code uses CSS columns. It is posible to do something similar with CSS Flexbox and flex-wrap properties instead, if there is additional layout control required.

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