Creating a job board?

Hi, has anyone ever built a job board with Rapidweaver?

I have a client who’d like organizations to be able to create job postings, and then allow freelancers to find these postings.

Or, if you know of a non-RW solution that would work well, I’d be open to that too.


Hi @garth ,

PHPjabbers has a script that might work.

Is this what you had in mind?


Thanks @Beemerang ! Wow, that looks cool! Do you think it’s pretty easy to integrate something like this into RW? (I’m not a coder)

Pleasure mate. Yep, it isn’t too tricky and I believe that they do offer a free installation for any script you buy from them. I opted to figure it out myself as I will probably be using few of their scripts in future.

I could see you easily do something like this with TotalCMS and the new blog component. Here is an example of one way the blog posts could look. Comes with a nice search tool as well so people could search for jobs. Very easy to implement.

Thanks @zeebe …Total Blog looks like a great product, but I don’t know if it is robust enough to be a full-fledged job board.

Would organizations and freelancers be able to create their own user profiles? And would organizations be able to post opportunities?

Not with the lockdown stack that comes with Total CMS, but you could use something like site lock (never used it so not sure if that can do it either). You can have it set up that anyone who logs in could post to the blog though, that would not be an issue.