Creating a menu item that doesn't itself have an .html page?

I have an 'About" menu item which has a few sub-items: About Me, About Clients, etc, all of which I am placing in a folder called ‘about’. But though I don’t want it, I seem to need an actual .html page for the ‘About’ menu item itself - which is blank, since I only want to display items in the submenu. And since it’s possible to click once on ‘About’ without displaying the submenu, a user can end up at a blank page. In other words, I want only the subpages to have a .html file - having one for what is only the menu category itself is pointless. How do I achieve this? Any help gratefully received.

My site:
Unwanted page -

Depending on the theme, you might be able to disable this menu-item to be clicked.

Excellent, that fixed it - I’m using the Iris theme, and it just required me to use the ‘Disable sub-page parent links’ toggle. I guess the .html file still exists, but nothing accesses it, so it’s functionally gone.

Thank you!

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