Creating new addons on the Community Site

Still getting this when adding a new Addon to the site:

If I go to my list of Addons it does appear in the list, and everything seems to be ok with it at first, but upon close inspection the RW version number is not set and the categories I entered have been removed.

I’ll fix this alongside the update adding Project listings, which should go out today :grinning:

@ben Just added new add-on (see explanatory image attached) …

Here’s the icon …

Same thing I was running into.

@Doobox: How big is your image file?

@Elixir It’s just 256px / 37kb. I just looked at the community add-ons again just now, and it’s now appearing without any further action from me. @ben Are the icons just taking time to propagate, or did you just manually intervene.? I have a bunch of add-ons to add today, but will hold off if, your having to manually intervene every time at the moment.

I’ll assume for the moment you did not intervene, and try one more, and see if this one also get the icon displayed in a few minutes time.

Unless ben says otherwise, I can confirm the icon you add just takes time to propagate and not show a dead image in the add-ons pages.

Yep. It’s just being a little slow to process the image (it’s placed in a queue). I’ll add to my list and see if I can speed it up at some point.