Creating user editable area on a RW site

Hi Folks. I am fairly new to this so bear with me. What I would like to do it to create an area on a site I have created where users can do the following:

A. Upload (through a form i guess) some text about a seminar they are offering at a conference
B. Edit/delete what they have already uploaded.
C and for others to see the list of seminars etc.

This would mean some kind of login i guess and also a database of come kind also? Both of these are new to me as the sites I have done previously are all much simpler and have not needed these.

Any ideas and printers would be really welcome. I don’t even know what the correct term for these things! Thanks


To clear up my confusion: will files (Word documents, PDF files etc.) be uploaded to the site (and appear there as clickable links) or will only texts in this area have to be exchanged/updated…? That’s making a huge difference in the kind of solution you need.

Hi - yes I would like both text content to be entered and editable by users and the link to be updatable: Something like this…

Name: {user text content}
Seminar topic summary: {user text content}
Full description (this is the link to a file)


Sorry for having to ask you again before eventually making a suggestion. But to clear the facts beforehand is important to not make suggestions which won’t fulfill your needs. So, you are talking about “users” (plural), which gives me the impression that you need some kind of user management. So it’s not only one or two persons which are able to edit the content (all using one password) but probably more, right? I’m asking since this makes a big difference…

No Worries about asking! And excuse my ignorance in know knowing about what information to give! I am talking about many users - like 80. These are delegates to a conference and their seminar presentations need to go on a website and ideally editable by themselves. Thanks for your time with this!. Peter

Ok Peter, then it’s absolutely clear: no plugin or stack for RapidWeaver will cover these requirements. But there is one external solution, which can quite easily be integrated in any RapidWeaver site. It’s called “SiteLok” and is available here:
For just 40 $ (one-time-cost) this solution is a steal in my opinion and if the feature set shouldn’t be enough, SiteLok can be extended with plugins for many purposes. No, I’m not related with this company… :smile:

Best wishes from Germany,

excellent - many thanks for your help here. $40 is definitely a good price. regards Peter

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Although sitelok is an excellent product, I’m not too sure it will cover what you want to achieve.

I would just check with Adrian from Vibralogix before proceeding.

Yep, the best would really be to talk with Adrian first (adrian at vibralogix dot com). But I’m quite confident that Sitelok will be able to do what manju69 needs. Back in March this year I updated Sitelok to the latest version and additionally bought the “UserFiles” plugin, so that my client (and his co-workers and some of his clients) are capable of uploading as much files as they want to make these available to others and vice versa. So, I think what the “naked” Sitelok might not be able to do can be refit with one or more of the many plugins available.

I did notice the upload plugin. Looks good.
My interpretation of what is required however, is that @manju69 needs the user to be able to edit content on the page as well as upload files…? I don’t know that sitelok can do this? Correct me if I’m wrong. Especially because I would love this feature! could possibly handle this though…

Hm, I don’t know if Sitelok is able to also edit content on a page. As you suggested it would be the best to ask Adrian first and ask him if Sitelok will meet the requirements.

Stack Apps would do what you want in theory but I must admit that I haven’t managed to get it to work properly.

@yuzool has a great solution for this - Dropkick CMS. This might be what you’re looking for?

While Dropkick CMS is a very fine tool, it’s not multi-user capable as far as I know.

Just for your interest: Today SiteLok got an update…

Thanks everyone. I’ll dig around these options and see what fits… Cheers - a friendly forum!

thanks @jamie and @RapidBase for the Dropkick mention

Yes it’s not multi-user at the present time and from what you are describing it sounds like a members site would be better than just a CMS

So I would recommend Virbralogix + Adrian’s Sitelok too for this project :smile: