CSS Targeting Help

I need a little help. I am trying to set the menu to display: none !important
When I do it in the inspector (B)

of Safari it works but for the life of me I can’t seem to target it in the page css
I since put in a css box (C) but I still can’t target that specific leftmenu (A)

I would appreciate some help on this,
Thank You


custom css for that page would be

#leftmenu { display: none; !important;}

Give that a try…

Or better yet, because you are pulling in another page via iframe, you might want to define the custom html in the pulled in page because you have a dom inside a dom…


Thanks Brad,
I thought that also but I tried that already - no go :disappointed:

I think it has something to do with the iframe and the dom in a dom but not sure.
I can’t modify the other page :frowning:


I’m not sure how to control the dom within a dom, but perhaps this is an area to start looking…

iframe.div#leftnav {display:none; !important;}

Maybe, maybe not… someone else with more css experience going to have to help here sorry.


Thanks Brad,
Nope, that didn’t work either. Hopefully @tav or similar guru will come to my rescue.

You cannot style an external page using CSS unless you have access to the source. An iframe is a completely separate web page displayed within your page and is such completely out of the scope of your style sheets that apply to your page.

There are convoluted ways to do it using javascript but you will run into all sorts of cross origin restrictions if the external page is coming from another domain - basically don’t go there.

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Thanks @tav, Yes I have discovered it can not be done…

That begs the question, Is there another way to load the contents other than with an iframe? jQuerry?


Why not just set it as an external link?

You might be able to use the FOCUS stack to open the link in a modal page… to keep the visitor on your site, but you still lose control of the nav blocking as desired either way.

Just asking…



is the same true for an offsite page type in RW? - ie. can’t style with css
The other page is actually hosted in the same domain but it is generated via php which I can’t change. On the “normal” php page I want the menu, but on this “copy” I just want the barcode entry field which is below the menu.