CTA slide in from top... Home page or all pages?

(steve bee) #1

I’ve created a CTA box that slide down from the top of the page once you pass a scroll point near the bottom. The box contains an enticement to signup for a newsletter.

I’ve got it on the homepage at the mo, but what’s accepted nowadays? All pages? Or just keep it to the home page?

It covers less than 20% of the page and won’t appear on mobile, so we’re good on the Google “anti popup” thing.


(Rob D) #2

I would keep it to the minimum – not to annoy viewers. But that is a personal decision. I don’t think there are (or should be) any standards for things like this.

(steve bee) #3

Ya, I always do have the user in mind, but also need to satisfy the client on this one! I’m not really a fan of this sort of thing, prefer just a bit on the page for newsletter signups, but there you go.

My instinct is, like you, keep it to a minimum, but curious if there are yet any accepted standards for such things.

(Rob Beattie) #4

I’d be tempted t try and convince the client to only have it on the home page - and then only after a visitor has had time to actually read some of the content on that page. There’s nothing worse than a CTA that appears before I’ve had a chance to see what the site is about.

If that doesn’t work, charge them for putting it on every page and then get them to test it. That way they’ll see how annoying a CTA that obscures the content on every page is and hopefully opt for the more restrained version!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

My 2 cent: don’t use CTA at all. For me, it will prevent me from reading any further on that web page. CTA distract the browsing experience too much.

(steve bee) #6

Good news, he hates it, it’s binned.

And all was well in the world again :slight_smile: