Customer login page


At the moment i use htaccess to protect sites.
Is there a possibility to add a customer login to a project with htaccess or similiar?

Different user should have different password. After authentification they should be redirected to there different sites. For example user x should only see site x and user y should see site y .

Thx for your help!

Ok, can be deleted. Found a very simple and good solution.

For sophisticated functionality I can certainly praise and recommend Sitelok from Vibralogix. Super flexible, and great support for implementation. Can easily integrate with RapidWeaver but is not designed for that (check the extensive Rapidweaver manual on their site, or use the search-button on the forum).

If you want to stay inside of the Rapidweaver community, you could take a look at different stacks like PageSafe from Joe Workman or try the Lockdown-plugin from Loghound (free test version for download available (based on .htaccess).

Thx for your answer.

I now use the lockdown plugin, its very simple and is the solution for my question.

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