Daily Addition Photo Gallery?

This would be for a daily comic strip. Ideally, the new daily comic would be added to the gallery in the first position… then all previous comics would automatically reposition themselves downward. In other words, I don’t want to have to do a new gallery layout every day. I just want to add and go.

Are there any stacks or themes that could do this? Thank you.

@markgrant Do you want to add the comic strip remotely via a browser from anywhere or do you want to use RapidWeaver for updating the gallery content? If it’s the latter you could try inStacks fantastic Poster stack, maybe together with his Gallery Stack 3 or Will Woodgates ProGallery stack (though I don’t know if these can be used together in a way it makes sense in your use case). Otherwise (when adding content remotely) I would highly recommend Joe Workmans Total CMS with its Blog functionality. What would also be interesting to know is if you will be uploading only one image as a comic strip or if this consists of several images…

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It’s one image a day. Not remotely. You can see the size at the link below. Sundays are bigger.

I use Useful Grid : https://stacks4stacks.com/usefulgrid/

Just drop the new image in each day at the top you can set break points so it shows them in a single column stack…

I was thinking a horizontal 3 grid, but I like just one better. Showcases it more. Thank you.