🍻 Datably Celebrates Oktoberfest - 20% Off!

20% off from September 17th until October 3rd 2021

Sadly, the real 2021 Oktoberfest :pretzel::beer: has been cancelled because of you-know-what.

To make up for this, Datably still celebrates Oktoberfest from September 17th until October 3rd and offers a 20% discount!


I love the way that Oktoberfest is in September in Germany. Is that just another marketeers’ anticipation? like the Christmas baubles you can already find in the shops in the UK. Or has it always been like that?

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It’s since 18/19 century because of the better weather in September. It always ends beginning of Oktober.

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Very sensible.

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The last two days of Octoberfest!

Get the discount while it’s available:


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