Dealing multiple index files on locally save project?

This might be elementary, but what is the best practice to deal with multiple index files in a locally saved project?

Deleting index files in the local project folder and re-publish all files?

Most threads are about index files that are published already on the server. I am looking for the solution before moving development online.

Hi, Tapio,

This is confusing. Are you saying that you have multiple index.html or index.php files in locally exported project?

Hi! Thanks for a reply.
I have both index.html and php.html files on my locally exported project folder. I believe it is so because of I am re-doing website by modifying old project file.

edit: relating locally exported project only

If you have both .html and .php versions of the same page, you can safely delete the .html version.

Better yet, delete all files within your local export folder and do export again. This time, you shouldn’t get both versions of the same file together.

If you make local exporting your routine method of publishing, make sure that you always export to an empty folder, because RW will not delete obsolete files for you.

P.S. To avoid confusion in the future, you can change the default extension from .html to .php in the RW settings (General>Advanced).