Dedicated email hosting

I’m currently using a dedicated email service, separate from my website hosting. I did this as I thought it would be better for deliverability. I’m UK based and do not send spam. I have found my server is on the Spamcop blacklist and my email host has been emailed twice without reply.

Should I just migrate back to my web host or would folk recommend looking at another dedicated email host?

Just to be clear, this is for day to day emails and not the likes of Mailchimp etc.

Many thanks.

You can try - Been using it for a couple of years now for personal and website. It handles spam very well if you get it off to a good start. (Manually make sure inbox is good mail and spam is spam.) When I took over for this client they had hundreds of spam in their mailbox each day… now it’s down to almost none. With very few “good” emails going to spam. Never has a problem with not getting mail (Spamcop and such)


I’ve been using Zoho Mail for most of my clients for years. Seems to work great for everyone, and even has free “starter plans” (although those require the use of their app or web interface)

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Which email host are you with?

If it’s a good service why not move it to your hosting package, unless your needs for storage/attachments exceed your hosts’ limits. Shouldn’t cost any more either.

Alternatively you could look at another dedicated service but either way definitely time to move if your host is on Spamcop, unless it’s a genuine error they can fix quickly.

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I had a few problems with email. Once I made sure I had a valid DMARK record, all of those went away. I send emails from my website using SiteLok.

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Chillidog have a dedicated email package called ChillMail


Fastmail user here as well…


Hi @Bazza

I’d be happy to help. As mentioned, I do have Chillimail. This is a business-class mail service for every day users like yourself. It’s less expensive than Fastmail ($5 vs. starts at $3) and has 25GB of storage, 14 days of backup (you can restore deleted messages directly within the webmail – just right click on the trash folder to initiate a restore), and premium spam filtering.

Let me know and I’d be happy to help you get started! I can migrate all of your messages over too (for free of course)



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