Define watermark size as a px not percentage?

Is there a way to define the size of a watermark in Squash as a pixel not percentage?

The problem I’m finding is using percentage (which I’m assuming is as a percentage of the image height?) gives inconsistent results across multiply images in a gallery, due to different aspect ratios/sizes.


Yes we only support % right now. We could look to add pixel size in a future update if it’s a popular request.

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Maybe then I’m missing something, as it seems a really odd way to size it to me…

Let’s say I have two images, one 2000x1000 (portrait) and another 1000x2000 (landscape).

Basing the watermark as a percentage of the image height is going to mean the watermarks on these two images is going to be a different size, yes?

To put this into a real world context…

The watermarks on these images are all different sizes, which looks really unprofessional.

Or am I missing something in the setup?

Edit: If you could even make the watermark work off the width not height, that would go a long way to fixing this anomoly. I don’t get why in a world of responsive websites and browser scaling of images based on width any setting would be based off the height. Seems a bit nuts. I must be missing something?


Hi again, sorry to be a pain here, but can @dan or anyone else confirm this is how it’s meant to work (font size as a percentage of image height) and not just be being dumb?

The client is understandably not impressed with the seemingly random watermark sizes, so if this is how S3 does things, I need to find an alternative app.

Appreciate a reply from anyone in the know.


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Please add this as an option. @TemplateRepo is absolutely right.

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I’ll assume this is not me setting it up wrong, and that it’s the intended behaviour. I guess I’m in the minority on this, but inconsistent watermarks are not acceptable, so I’ll look for an alternative. It’s a real shame as otherwise, it’s a lovely app.

Have a look at PhotoBulk. I’ve checked the settings and you can set the font size or image size for the watermarks. ‎PhotoBulk: watermark in batch on the Mac App Store

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@TemplateRepo Photobulk should do it for you, but another very interesting option is Retrobatch. More here: Retrobatch, from Flying Meat

I prefer Retrobatch to Photobulk, but for watermarking only purposes I think (but am not positive) that both are similar.


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