Defining start of typing / Type-it stack from Elixir

I am using the typewriter effect to guide the attention of the visitor and to ensure he read essential information.
I am using the type-it stack inside the content element of the slider stack.
The goal would be that typing starts when the slider element gets activated.Either autoplay or manually.
The problem is that the type-it already starts from the moment of starting the page and does not wait until the slider element is triggered.
Any idea hw one could control the start even any script only if the special content slider element is displayed?

Let’s tag Adam @Elixir. I took a look andi don’t know.

Typer from BWD might work:

There are controls for continuous or only once animation and the color and background of the highlight can be styled.
Animation can begin on page load, after a delay or when the stack comes into view.

Maybe @tav can give a definitive answer or advice.

Just also want to mention - please make a donation to BWD if you end up using Typer.

The Foundry based Type It stack doesn’t have any sort of option for doing what you @sb-webadmin is looking to do. Sorry.

Maybe @tav can give a definitive answer or advice.

No, sorry, that won’t work. It triggers when it scrolls up into the viewport. Sliders just selectively hide content that is already in the viewport and so the animation will start before that slide becomes active. You would need a slide change callback to do that with Typer.

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Thanks to all for their comments. At least about the problem I am clear now.

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