Demo version restrictions?

Are there restrictions on fonts, size and colour in the demo version of Climate?

Climate theme comes with RW8. Do you own RW8? If not, the restriction would be in the RW8 demo and not specifically the theme.

Hi Greg, I’m just trying out the RW8 demo and wondered if I’ll be able to change headings and text groups when I’m using the full version?

Unless things have changed, I believe the only restriction is the number of pages you can create. In terms of functionality, it should all be there.

Themes will have different options on what can be changed in their settings but it is not related to RW being in demo mode or not

Thanks Jason.

Not sure what you are asking here… What type of a “page” are you using? If you are not using Stacks3 (add-on) I highly suggest you consider it. It increases what you can do in RW by a thousand percent…

I’m just wondering if I need stacks or if I can just use the Climate theme. Maybe I’ll find out after I register?

The theme is the core “base” of your site. As you add pages to your site you select a specific page type of which there are different types. Stacks3 is one of those page types. But you don’t have to have Stacks3 to use the demo. You can use the built in Styled Text and other page types.

Thanks. I think I understand now. I’ve just watched a video on starting with RW8 and you can modify text in the full version.

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