Depth 1.0.5 update

Yesterday an e-mail from Nick Cates received a Depth 1.0.5 update available. However, this update contains the current Depth.rwtheme version 1.0.4
Depth.stack is version 1.05
Am I the only one or are there more who experience the same?

That explains why I can’t find the new features in it - @nickcates ?

The Depth Stack was updated, but the Depth theme was not thus I felt updating the version was not necessary. I can see how this leads to confusion for my customers, which I apologize for, I’ll think on a better way to this going forward. I’m also open to suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there a particular benefit to emailing out the updates vs using the stacks updater? And the theme - isn’t it possible to update that via Rapidweaver now as well? That was promoted as a feature in RW7 at one point, though I don’t know I’ve seen many update prompts come through…

Updating in RW itself is my preferred only because it eliminates an unreliable variable (i.e. me).

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