Developer Feature Requests

Now that we have a better organized place to talk about RW functionalities, I’d suggest to collect here all features you, as a developer, would like to be implemented in RW 7 to improve functionalities of your addons.

I start with:

  • Read access to project resources
  • Source code button in toolbar (as in RW5)
  • Page title override in Info Panel (just to avoid having something like <i class="uk-icon-home"></i> Home in Pages list

Thanks for these, Rob: for folks filing other requests - please could you offer some use-cases for features? It’s incredibly useful to hear not just what you’re wanting to see in RW, but also what you’re aiming to achieve with said feature. Sometimes it’s the same thing (which is fine), but particularly for API deficiencies, knowing what data you’d want etc would be helpful in planning things.


Update: I’ve changed the title here, as we’ll be looking at the feature requests beyond RW 7 too :wink:

That is: easier access from a plugin to published URL of project resources. That’s something we already do in RCP, but an official and supported API would help.

Other requests of mine:

  • An option used to ask RapidWeaver to disable PHP interpretation for current page type preview. At the moment RW tries to render a PHP preview and makes tricky to render a custom preview through a third party app like SmartPreview.

  • Add some values to params dictionary to let plugins know if current preview mode is in-app RW preview or preview using external browser.

  • Add an header declaration for - (NSDictionary *)contentHTML:(NSDictionary *)params which is used beside - (NSString *)contentHTML:(NSDictionary *)params in SDK’s sample plugin to emitRawContent or allow a different way to output raw content without applying theme.

  • Have dealloc called when a plugin page is removed.

  • Generic cleanup of header’s methods and comments. AFAIK a lots of methods / comments in there are broken / unused / outdated. (e.g. sandwich related stuff)

  • [not plugin-related] Add support for generic “Applications” addons in addons area, besides “Plugins”, “Stacks” ans “Themes”.

Currently RapidWeaver adds the PHP MIME type to a web view - and Safari then does the rest.

There may be some changes to this in future, so a preference wouldn’t be necessary. But it all depends on the sandbox :wink:

What you see in [quote=“nikf, post:4, topic:4182”]
Currently RapidWeaver adds the PHP MIME type to a web view - and Safari then does the rest.
What you see in Preview (internal in RW or external on Safari) is previously parsed by RapidWeaver.
If the code contains some PHP like <?php echo date(); ?> it will be parsed by RapidWeaver than passed to Preview.
RapidWeaver previews actual PHP code as a fallback only if a PHP error occurs.

If we want to get actual PHP code to preview it in SmartPreview (a PHP local webserver) we need to deliberately trigger a PHP error in RapidWeaver so raw code is exported.