Developer Subscription Plans

I was updating promotions for Elixir on the Community site today and it struck me that I wanted to check in with all of the developers and see how the promotions on the Community site were doing for everyone. Basically wanted to see what developers thought of the plan they’re subscribed to ( Are you getting a good return on investment for your money sort of topic.

I’m on the Premium plan currently because I like to have the videos included with my products as well as the top of the page larger promos. I get a good deal of traffic from the Community site, but I was toying with downgrading to the $49 plan to see how things go. I was just feeling the two plans were a bit too disparate in pricing as there aren’t a lot of exclusive extras for the upper-tier plan at the moment. In a dream world I would love to see more benefits added to the $249 plan, and possibly a new plan, that includes videos, introduced at a lower rate, somewhere in the $100 range.

Again, I’m happy with the traffic I get currently, as well as the direct sales through the Community site, not trying to stir anything up. I just wanted to see where everyone else was in regards to the plan they’re subscribed to and their thoughts on what you’re getting for your subscription.

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Just a bump to see in case other developers may have missed this thread.

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I am on the 49$ plan, and all I miss are the videos.

I would return to the higher subscription just for the videos, but first I’d have to improve my English pronunciation :grin:

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I subscribed to the full membership for a few months. Now I have the basic plan.

+1, It depends also on the availability of banners