Disabling the menu in seyDesign Payn

Hello, would someone please tell me how to disable the menu in seyDesign Payn?

Thank you

Does this PDF contain the answer, at para 2.2.5?

Thank you, but no. 2.2.5 covers the colours in the menus. And just prior to 2.2.5, it refers to scrolling.

Basically, I’m using the Payn theme and I just recently started having problems with some sub-menus not showing. I haven’t been able to determine the problem (it may have started with one of the RW 6 upgrades). I want to use another menu system that does work. So I want to disable the Payn menu from showing.

I don’t know Payn well enough to help. I confess that I haven’t come across a successful attempt to disable a Theme’s entire menu system; I’d have though that a bit risky,

Maybe SeyDesign/NimbleHost will be able to advise. Good luck!